Saturday, 14 February 2009

Random bit of info

Okay, anyone who lives in North West london or north london you will know what I am talking about. Okay. I cannot drive let me point this out.

Anyhow, I was being driven to brent Cross-yes driven...and no, not by the big Red limousine called Metroline bus!! A Car- A sexy car aCTUALLY!! Not a DB7, or a 911 or a Mc Laren SLR or a Bugatti...
anyhow, I was ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo distracted by this Mahusive poster of this rugby player in action...not 'in action' in action derry people...I meant catching a rugby ball (a real one- These are not coded yarns...Im not trying to describe a dude wobbly bits gone wrong/mutated)!!


I was sooo distracted. The guy was catching a rugby ball NAKED!!! With his bothy all greased up..It was distracting and I wasnt even driving...I felt sorry for my prudish sister who was trying her hardest to continue to drive...

I have decided to post something as soon as it happens...I was gonna put Blogger on my BB but Mehn- if it gets lost...I might as well be lost!! you get me...
I trust you lot had a fab vals day- Mine was dry but its the last dry one in gonna have in my life...FOREVER!!! Y'all hear me? FOREVER!!!

FOr a second today I thought of all the people I have 'missed road' per, the ones that got away...I didnt want to say it like that cos it makes it sound naff- when you say miss road you picture it like sat nav... 'after 300meters, turn left' in that annoying american accent- dont get me wrong, I totally dig the americana accent...I picked it up a few times while there (Same way I picked up hausa in nige)!! anyhow, The 'miss road' is derived from the grammatically incorrect 'you don miss road' saying often used to abuse someone as opposed to calling them a retard,cretin, heeediat,ode, mumu, ...and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnn!!

what else happened?? oh yeah...Does anyone work with people whose first language is not english...This does not include Yoruba btw... but sometimes it should cos mehn...dropping grenades...naw- im not just gonna diss Youba peep...I love you like Gari- and you know the love is deep mehn!! most languages ae like that o...anyhow, I was speaking to a work colleague who wanted me to organise something for him and h kept saying the client and the CEO of this company were 'playing with my toes' on this!!and when you say that in a thick french accent while grunting and groaning down the cannot expect chicks not to laugh...I wanted to mute the phone and burst into was ryediculous!!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Omo you don make me fall in...*cough cough* I cant even say it!! lol!

Oh mah gash dudes- as in, I actually have time to BLOG!! Okay thats cos I have not been starbucksing again!! Those people are thieves!! £3 for a small cup of cocoa- im sure you have heard about our 6inch snow that stopped everything...

Well I had a fab night out this weekend...aside from receiving a very unnecessary message from my mate- I wasnt even pissed off though- Its like this- if you cant be bothered to halla and even say 'btw im alive but I wont be picking up my phone' that is cool... but dont just cut yourself off and then reattach yourself when its okay- Im not asking you to compromise your first class- Not at friggin all!! I'd love for you to get your first class and go out with a bang but the way you just dropped me around exam time was deep-

Not even a word blad!! Allow it mahn!! I dont mean to sound all homo but you dont just pick and drop me when there are trips to be caught!! Im not even that much fun so when you initiate meeting up, dont expect me to be all up on it!! Yes, I do sound like a homo getting all upset- maybe I'm bored...I dunno mehn!!

Anyhow, Whats new??? Oh yeah, I finally remembered the guys name- I dont know how sha but I do now- but he is mates with my mate mentioned aboves brother.

Talking of brothers, is 2009 the year when all the brothers are out and about????

As in, its like there is an obscene amount of talent!! Its sooo bad I dont know where to look- I suppose its time to start building up your portfolio before they start going into hiding again!!

But mehn!!I think I have found the one- like OMG- guy fine pass gari- and you know thats major- I have checked out our mutual friends so ill just have to be working within that!! I sound desperate right??? hahaha!! Its cos I AM!! lol!!- Im playing...Nah, its cos I have not really like someone at first glance like that in a hot minute!!

Can I just ask though, if you farted and you just ate indomie (I know im a lazy sod- but gari was too much to eat this late!) what would it smell like....?? I think my fart smells of indomie but I only just ate it an hour ago...weird and Im sure you really didnt wanna know that!

There is this other one that keeps staring when I dance when Im out- I dont know what it is and it is slightly unnerving- this weekend I saw him and cos we have a mutual friend but werent introduced, it was a bit awkward!! Anyhow, this weekend omo was out...when I say omo I am referring to him and not MR stare-at-vindi! I am not imagining things I tell you...
Anyhow, he was looking so much I lost my rhythm!! lol!! It was BAAAADDDD!!! I was cracking up in my head but it wasnt funny!!

Anyhow, Imma holla!