Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Hahahaha!! That is as far as my youruba goes- that and kini?

hahaha- Happy New year all!! I have been writing notes on FB instead but chicks are bizack!!!!
I have learnt so much Yoruba this year- thanks to 9ice and D'banj! Gongo aso, ma je, and all sorts- Still dont know what they actually mean...I am not yoruba as you can tell!

My lil sis is soo funny- she was singing 'gimme deep drills, gimme deep chills, say me say me we on fire...'- I was like huh?? lol!!

I thought party rider was batty rider for the longest time- until i looked for it on youtube! I was like 'eh hen!!- no wonder people were looking at me!'

I was reading a few peoples blog and realised how far we have!!- 'Together we made it...'

Music wise, I am liking Weezy for some reason- sorry but his old lyrics are wack!! His freestyle lyrics show someone that is full of white stuff- and Im not referring to milk!!

So who went to nige? I didnt! and I dont care so ha!!- obviously someone that is bitter!

I made a dress the other day- lol!! Please before you abuse me- I am no designer nor a budding one- I had an idea and I put it in action- I am not jumping on that fashion designer bandwagon that several 9ja babes have jumped on!! lol!!If I did, it would be called vindilicious- so look out for it homie!

As you can see, random disjointed bits of my life as usual- nothin change!
Lolly P- Where you at gurl!??as per, you've bounced babes from you blog with your purple rope VIP runz!!

And Slater, you're telling me you dont have a story???- anything from the last few months?? Oh, I wont lie, I do miss the one and only hardguy...I remember doing my dissertation and thinking-'lemme just blog quickly' by the time I knew it, it would be 4am and I would have done 1 page on my dissertation!! Have you started driving yet- Im sure you have a story abount picking up chicks or something! hehehe
Also I read in your blog you are salami- but you are muslim!! I thought Salami was pork?

Hengish Khan!- Where are you dude!??? As in, youve just forgotten babes in freezing Jand! minus 10 degrees bruv!That is what you call deep chills...

No man drama for once- no man sef...2008 was really the great famine! Like I dont think I have ever had a famine like this!! It was bbaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd!! But this year, only a week in- I am committed to getting so Mankoletts!! Yes- that is the new word for the year!!

This is our agenda- Just a nice guy- Is that too much to ask for? Maybe- as I am told that I am a bit of a rude gial when it comes to dudes- but to be honest, why settle? Why am I gonna disturb myself with dudes who I dont feel are up to the challenge?? As in, there are levels now!!

Anyhow, I am alive, And Slater, How am I gonna poke you when we are not even friends? See your head!!

tin tin- I take it uni is a biache? No update no nothing...dont worry-Vindi got your back!

I was gonna add you to my FB cos some of you are more friends than the people I have on FB but then that would expose my identity! I dunno sha...send me your email and Imma look for you...

Happy New Year people- Luv you like friend sweet potato with stew! peace out A town down- Yes- I am razz- sue me!!


Hengish said...


Mo ti de too!

I've missed you!

Your Yoruba is quite mad!

I'm trying too.

I heard about the weather.

Global Warming?!

I so do not envy your pale arse.

Jack Slater said...

Havent read through all your blog but I am Muslim, but I let things slide from time to time. Speaking of letting things slide, I mite be willing to reveal all in the near future. Email address, blackberry pin, facebook name...the whole shebang. Is that something you would be interested in

Minky said...

Vindi kilonshele!?
You are back!! yayyy =)

I feel you on the weather mehn britain is giving us some subzero sturvz!! Im not even finding it funny at all! :(

Anyway LOL @ Mankoletts..I'm in love with the word already!

P.s- Tininu is fine btw! He is...sorry...WAS 2 busy enjoying himself in the hot sun in Naij 2 update...hehe.

Miss Pearse said...

Awww...hi Vindi...Ma bi nu. I asked for ur email one long time ago like dat so i could send u an invite to my blog. Truth is i havent even blogged since i made it private...i dont want to delete d blog so i just closed it....stalkers did this to me babes..mad things. Anywho....glad to see u're back. I don't think i'll be blogging this year, but I'll be reading and updating u with my Life. One more semester of Grad

Send me that email address o...and have mad razz naija songs for u frm THIS XMAS...lmao Yes, I was one of the holiday bunnys that caused Bumper to Bumper traffic in Lagos.

Missed u girlll abeg identify urself to my facebook jor. Abi we are friends already sef and I dont know??...hehe. Have a wonderful year Vindikattu : )