Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mankolet found...CIA field agents investigating!

Before we get into the gist, I did something random- I added LP on my FB- loike Ohhh moiiii gawwwsshhhh!! yah- so now you can see all my random notes on all the jazz that I have been writing if I aint been on blogger...

Okay- that was my big thing last week as well as crashing into the doors of a commuter train...Ill start typing it now and post it on wed...

With 14 days to go till the big day, the search is on!! There was one I found the other day- lol!! people were talking about the Mankolet drought but I on the other hand have found my friggin oasis!! Okay, I cant remember his name -no, I wasnt drunk! I was just checking goiz and got!! It was one of those 'slow motion' situations!lol!!

Anyhow, Mr IB as I will call him cos I forgot his name- it stands for Investment Banker/Incredibly Beautiful. So, in he came with his clean understated swagger...but he came with a girl- a really lovely girl...I was like skeen- I knew the babe- shes lovely so I didnt bother myself again...but then the babe-lets call her Abi, Abi left to go somewhere with another IB I thought, hey!!

If you have ever been to a 9ja networking event, youll know that there are some pretentious people...but i was shocked last week- people were approachable, friendly and most of all....(drum roll...) really nice!!

So anyhow, as I am who I am, I subtly checked out the swagger, the shoes...everything seemed okay...but there was no way I could just walk over and just be like wassup - Im not that babe...lawl...anyhow, so my friends sister, lets call her Suliat for the sake of!! So Suliat walked up to him and started talking to him- I was like skeen, Ill get the gist from my friend, Jennibaby!!lol!

Anyhow, after my designer fish and chips, I went on the train home...on my way home, I text Suliats sister,my friend, Jennibaby!!lol! I said 'I didnt realised Suliat knew hot mankolets you know- but I wont tell you cos youll just crack my egg open'...anyhow, so she now calls me and is like...

'oh so, do you like him?'

I was like the dude is okay now- nothing major!! Then I had a bit of a BF (bitch fit) lol! I now said
'Why did you go and open my nyash to your sister??'
she was now like 'back the heck down mehn- I didnt tell her- she called me and asked if i was interested in someone there, that there was a mankolet and she wanted to play cupid' - I was like 'are you lying to me?' she said 'no now!!- whats wrong with you??'

anyhow, we ended up having a talk on how I dont get excited by goiz again...I mean I do but I dont at the same time!!
After the last fiasco of 'guy-with-girlfriend-but-pretended-not-to-and-then-made-me-fall-for-him' I told myself I wouldnt get excited or get ahead of myself!
I dont think people realise how risk averse I am of falling for someone, devoting your whole life to someone only to reap disappointment- but I think my friend realised how reluctant I was when she was like 'should I investigate?' and my instant reaction was 'hell-to-the-NOOOOO' - She really let it rip about my 'just say no' policy- telling me that just cos you been burnt cooking doesnt mean you should stop cooking...otherwise youll starve...- lol!! okay she didnt say that- she said something gay and i thought naff off even though it was true!lol!!

What made it worse, was that I got a severe case of butterflies when I saw him- it was like you know when you watch 'extreme makeover' and youre like 'OH MY OGSHHHHHIII'(i think Jenifa would say it like this)...I had my usual 'sheepish grin' on my face...I dont think ive had that for well over a year - ok maybe 2 but im in denial! allow me jor...anyhow, as soon as I got that butterfly nonsense, I was like 'err, butterflies, back the hell off my stomach' ...the goi fine o!!
anyhow, I need to pick up my shoes from the cobbler- going out so i will finish this later- maybe MR IB is!! Maybe not- Ill soo have to find his name and stalk him...its necessary- lol!! Im joking o!!

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Miss Pearse said...

I know right...Like Ohhh my gooodnesss....LMAO...

Ok firstly, sorry about your accident but...hahahaha...hehehe...I'm rolling here abeg. I can imagine u knocking ur head in on the train...

OMG....dont remind me abt red day. I've unsuccessfully tried to avoid grocery stores and the mall so I don't get mad at all the mushy crap and red valentines displays.

Lol@designer fish&chips...then it was worth it since the sight if IB caused ur stomach to do flips.

Suliat is right u know..."cos you been burnt cooking doesnt mean you should stop cooking...otherwise youll starve..." true talk. one is sayn u should devote ur whole life just yet...How abt u start by devoting another 25pounds on fish&chips...hehehe...jokes mahn. Open ur mind for now ehn...u neverrrrr knowwwww ooooo!!!