Saturday, 23 August 2008

im getting berra

Hi People,

Sorry been MIA for a hot minute.

Let me take a moment to address a few things-
Sleepless in Seattle - When i referred to that i was trying to be funny (yes, some might say not trying hard enough)- I just meant it in a putting a face to a name! Sorry if i confused peeps

And tin tin- ill will reveal all- i wont die- i dont think - and I am VERY impressed you dont mix in 'that' circle - Theres nothing wrong with them- dont know or care to know them personally - i dont roll with peeps...

But yeah- i shall reveal all seeing as you got a tad pissed- was not my intention- I think thats the one thing i dont like- people being mad at me- Kai- that thing can just wind me up! I get really upset...anyhow...Just thought id clear that up

Anyhoooooooo, I have had a good week- God is doing his thing and Im in a better place than i was when i wrote the last blog- its funny how God can put things into focus!I really do love him!

Anyhow this week, ive been using the lyrics of a milli on my fam just for kicks- my little sister who is just a class act (yeah, it runs in the fam) was walking past and i was gisting with my bro...Thats how she must have said something about me being fat (wrong move!) and i was now like 'at least i dont have a belly,a belly a belly, a belly' lol! We really cracked up in the house o!

Ok, from that...Its the bank holiday- so what am i gonna do? I tried looking for Miss Pearse in brent cross die this week! KAI!! The babe hid well o!! I searched on the shoe section, the perfume then went up to concessions in Fenwicks NOTHING! then went to GAP- NOTHING!- Then went to Zara- again,NOTHING-

Ok, need to take a deep breath now- I have been trying to understand this marriage thing for a while now- Im not the type of person that is all about getting married- in fact im quite the opposite- I have been trying to understand why people would put themselves through it- Its too darn scary- you are just selling your life for half a bag of gari - WHERE THE HECK IS HALF A BAG OF GARI GONNA GET YOU??? Anyhow, I dont think im a commitment-phoebe but kai!! Every time i think of marriage (where I am involved sha) I feel like blocking! I swear- Im just worried on my wedding day, I dont run down the aisle cos I need to do a last minute blocking runz!- Sorry, thats a bit too crude but mehn- I fear o!

And Tintin, I was just pulling your leg o! Even if you did go to D'den, I wouldnt hold it against you! noones perfect! but the shakie is not bad o!but ur better off making your own sha!

So le stalker is bizzack! Welcome- you have been................................................................................................................................................................................................errr- missed!lol!

So my agenda for this week-
1) Get some gist for you guys- Im sure i have bored you so much that youd rather read rich dad poor dad again
2) Confront my facebook fears and delete some people and not looking back! Not like i even talk to them!*rolls eyes at the stupidity of second agenda*
3) Read my bible MORE and actually try and apply it to my life- you can never be too good to go to heaven...
4) Reveal my identity to dearest tin tin!
5) Try and be less sarcastic and a bit more honest- Well this one is if i have time sha- hodawizzzeee, ill be the usual sarcastic minx!

Oh gosh- i got lost at waterloo station o!! I almost wanted to cry- was waling round looking for the Jubilee line and kept hitting the northern line- or the bakerloo- YES, I can read- and I was exceptional at geography- but the signs just dey confuse me!

Anyhow, Got to prepare for church tomorrow- Ill pray tin tin forgives me- I still really dont know why ur speechless- I mean i get it but not really- PLEASE dont take offence o- My main objective of blogging is not to offend o!

Odabzzz my people!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I aint mad no more

As Mad Skillz said, I aint mad no more- Sorry if you dont listen to hip hop- that one just went right over your head...

Before i start, Iencourage you all to watch jimmy carr- he is just on my wavelength!! His jokes are just- fresh to death!!

Well, what has been going on this week? hmm- well i think we are making progress with the whole Vindi the Defriender!- I was brutally honest to my friend. But it had to be done...Im all better now...

Anyhoooo, I found out who Mr Tininu is...if it is actually him, the guy is fresh faced and all that...and is friends with people I would rather not be friends with but such is life eh?lol! O fine o but err- Mr slater may be watchin (hey boo- cough cough- that was sooo cheesy- God forbid something that stinks of cheddar comes out my mouth again!! Wrong!

i am officially in love with lil Wayne... like I know- WRONG right... its in the rap sense sha...SOME of his lyrics are bad sha... the one he did with Juelz Santana on one mixtape is bounzzzzz- I was like rahhh blad...EAZZEEE!

Tpain was annoying but now im addicted...I need help! Listen, and the lyrics make me believe that there is hope for you menfolk!!

Any our dear friend (can I call you that?? oh well too late- im no beg friend sha...), Miss Pearse is in town!! WAaaaaaHEY- shame i stayed in all weekend... I mean, if ur in hendon, you should at least see me at BX mehn...

And not sure if ill bump into you as our mutual friend is hmm whats the word....away... but if i see you in the ends, Ill be sure to halla- must warn you though, if its on a weekday, I look like a ruffian cos the way i see it..they dont pay me enough to look bounz at work so they should 'chill off mate'- lol!! Im ssooooo using that!!

Think something is gwaning this weekend sha... Ill keep you posted... And you berra extend that ticket of yours- And where are these fine boys- maybe im numb to it or not hanging in the right place...I wont lie sha... our mutual friend has bloodie hotties for friends...i mean guy friends but you included...

Oh and i saw your guy! That guilder belly, gold tooth with Kola nut in the gaps...and that was not short- guy is a midget!lol- im playing o!!

Meanwhile, Mr Realph, aka one half of the crackerz klub has one mad video...I am standardly gonna be a part time groupie...of sorts sha... no stuvvs just! Ill run it past him when next he comes to town...

Oh and today, I dont know what my brain was doing sha but I was thinkin bout the dude of old- well they prayed for me at church (no joke) so I will be OK! I just need to not see him for a long time but its not even like that cos I still fink about him...AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Shoot me im a mumu- thats a nice title for a nigerian!!

Back to my life...What has been gwaning? well, Apart from Tin tin tryin some sleepless in Seattle (lol- im playing luv) everything is gravy! Saw one guy wearing timbs the other day and I couldnt help but laugh... chill off mate... ur like 10 years late... and I was gonna mention this a few months ago but some pics of some people who are feeling really decked up now emerged on FB!! KAI- Evolution is good o!! Most of them have grown hips sha...(KC boys eh?? Too much beans-lol!!) But I suspect Mr Slater was in one of those which case, all i can say is this...HAHAHAHA- Scarecrows!!Darn!! I was a cute babe- Yes, I had the anty gimmie cake dress but I wore it well!And I ALWAYS got cake...-
Kai, its funny what a few years can do (some people are still evolving sha...not mentioning any names sha...)

Happy anniversary Miss P!!Wishing you many more years in your relationship!

Sorry this blog is not coherent but you should be used to this after how many entries...

Want to go into consultancy - thats another blog entry...

Love you like gari! Happy sunday!