Wednesday, 19 March 2008

it cut deep

it cut deep when you didnt call
it cut deep When you undermined my intelligence
it cut deep because you didnt want to understand
it cut deep when you constantly tried to provoke me
it cut deep When you tried to intimidate me
it cut deep when you told her and not me
it cut deep when you held her and not me
it cut deep When you lied
it cut deep When I lied
it cut deep because i wanted to trust you

After all my feelings of resentment for them,

when you died Jesus, the only thing that cut deep was the sword on your side.

happy easter everyone

Im trying to become a poet!! not so good- but this is my first nau- so allow babes!!
but yeah, all my friends keep talking of marriage- for goodness sake we just left uni and now you want to get married? chick allow- have you heard of MORGAGE?? damn!! take it easy- im wayyyy too fresh to be looking for my husband! he will find me when he is good and ready. im not going to look for him and then find him with another woman! abeg jo. some people need to seriosly chillax, take a chill pill( prescribed o), breathe stretch shake, let it go, let go of the 'lady of the rings' syndrome! its just not bounz o! Im still fresh to def so imma be on my grind- not like an ashi babe but you grab sha!! need someone to sew me something- i just had the maddest design in my head!! any volunteers?

oh yeah, Slater- think 'Ash Tomazzzz' still no bells ringing!?
heglish! na wa for you o!! please dont bring back a variant strain of the marriage virus o!please, im dying here as it is!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

are you a gladiator?

Anyhow, so a fair amount has gone on since i came here- some i cannot blog about cos its a bit too personal but is all good and i dont wanna blow my cover- you get me!!!ok, i didnt get married or anything!

Talking of marriage, I think ive been hit by the marriage bug- i started listening to Van Hunt and other gay songs! im looking at guys thinking 'hes alright, wonder what hed look like in about 40 years'- some people age better than others...

The KOKO Drought as i mentioned in my previous blog is still in full effect- but today when i was at baker street, one dude walked past me and his aftershave just made me wanna barf!so the koko drought seems to be selective as to who im drawn to- which means that my subconscious is telling me that there is no need to be desperado because there is no koko famine!!yay!!- but true say(sorry, the London girl in me just popped out ot say 'HI')...anyhow, as i was saying before i was rudely interrupted by myself, true say all the guys that i have been smelling- tall and dwarf- have been rather bounz...

So my mission for everyone this week is this...can you gage how good looking a guy is by the way he smells- lets try this ladies- i know for me a guy would know i was hot stuvvs- ok maybe not yesterday when i ran out of the house without putting on deodorant but that aside...Id be rather hot-

so ladies, the task this weekend is to SMELL FOR HOTNESS.. if you do have any results, success or failure, let me know- and remember- NO PEEKING!! dont look before you smell- its like potentially gone off jollof rice which you have been dying to eat and you know allowance doesnt drop til next week!!

I think i had trapped wind on monday!but im not sure- i did my first fart in the office tho- i know that is skank but i refuse to die because of methane!-vulgar? i know!
So Ive decided to see HIM again!!But i know that i have a better outlook to the whole situation- im not mad anymore that i allowed him to waste my time( cos thats what happens when you welcome someone into your life who is already with someone) but my saving grace has been God's protection over me- lie lie, there were numerous times when i could have pounced on the guy but because i am so stubborn and have A LOT of self control i just allowed it- i didnt even kiss him!!yes i know, i deserve a pat on the back...

slater j, Im currently discussing with my agents in the field as to who you are- i will find out who you are Mr GQ!!

And my butter cup of IC has ouddied to nige!!thank you very mush missy- ya know who you are!! stop wearing gele and come back here to cash cold with us!

Ok, so i met someone a few weekends back, it was in a club so i just ignored the guy sha-
So heres Vindi, up in the club- may i just add that my legs are soo dry that they are itching me!!KAI!!
so back to vindi in the club!!there i was, looking too crazy- honestly, i will not lie to you- i was looking amazing- but to God be the glory- So i come in, looking majorly lost as i came in by myself so i was looking for a bunch of 9ja people- y'all know how hard it is to look for dudu peeps in a club- it like looking for a needle in a haystack- ok im just playing- im not exactly one with yellow paw paw skin but anyho, i found one of my as i see her, i notice this rather familiar manly structure next to her- and im like 'i swear if it is HIM i will die- no, actually, ill leave the club and carry myself on the jubilee line back to swiss cottage!!' i walk hesitantly towards what can only be described as a structure and i look closer and realise that IT WASNT HIM!!!YAY!! But this one is still fine-
Seeing as i was chilling with the more refined, centered,'i dont need to be jumping on chairs to pop champagne to get attention'...that kinda crowd- it was funny cos you would think that the group i was with would be boring but far from it!!!they were happy cool peeps who wanted to go out and have a laugh!!

ok so the guy was cool, he spoke good english( which these days is rare- dont act like you dont know- we all know one mumu or another that drives a stupidly expensive car but cannot rub two sentences together)

Anyhow, so I think Ill end up marrying a 9ja-man...nothing wrong with it but I thought God had something better planned for me!!only joking- truth is thats probably the only type of guy ill respect on this planet as my pops is one!!

So, my plan when i see HIM....DON NOTHING!!- im at the point in my life where i can say that 'he tried his luck and we thank God that I did not succumb' -
I will not even tell you what i had a dream about!! i wanted to shit on myself!!no lie- ok lie- sue me! I had a dream that his current ex was in my house or something and yarning me saying 'you could have been "THE ONE"! my goodness!! imagine if you had that dream- all i said is the devil is a liar and thats is the end of that story...

i need to get a new hobby- like honestly, Food is over rated, so ive stoppe eating- size zero by fore by force...

And my feet smell cos I wear my sneakers(yeah, im american) without socks so with all that bacteria, its bound to smell like the marina!

Oh my days, My lecturer told me today that he wants to recommend me to one of his colleagues at another uni to do a PhD!!a freaking PhD!????what a collection im gonna have when i finish my Post grad!!aargh!!First i get ma certificate from University of London, then, my diploma thingy from imperial and now a PhD???And it is one university that i have never heard of before...i had to ask my lecturer if it was in this country- this is me 'are you sure its not Cornell?'- lol!!the guy (can you imagine im call ing my one and only lecturer 'de guy') anyhow, after this masters in september, im supposed to be shipped of to one university i have never heard of to become an assistant researcher person or another!somebarry wan kill me o!!i dont think my mantle can handle any more trophies!!

sorry this post has basicallly been about me blowing my trumpet and just yarning serious sahara!! im sorry- have work on my mind-

The thing is i had some gist, but i forgot it now- i bet you tomorrow when im on the train ill remember again!!

til next time