Saturday, 9 February 2008

My one and only imperial

this is one of those imperial events that will go down in history!!it was too mad!!

I am currently trying to put a few words for the coordinators- Teeeeeeewwwww FREAKIN MAHHHDDDD!!- see hot guys coming out of my ears- and no razz ones o!!!im too happy right about now- got a few numbers- you know how vindi rolls- Its all about- 'oh my days,my phone is playing up... hav you got the time' 'oh, did yousee that act?that was amazing/dreadful'-take your pick...good work ACS- im so proud to be part of such a mad uni!!im doing ma masters but i feel so alive with the peeps at this uni!!Hengish, where were you?im sure you were one of the babes beefing me- eeezzzokay!!not really- you know i gats soo mush luv for you...

I have got my official first crush- in my adult life that is!!woah- and its one of ours Hengish!!not an Imp but one from across the way- it is sooooooooo true that birds of a feather flock together- saw a beauty at the ACS thing today- as soon as i enter the zone, na so every fine boy now starts scoping babes- eeezzz not ma fault!the joke is that i was not even showing anything- not an inch of leg and not a crust of breast!but dudes were still looking and tryna haller- found out who the dude is, what uni he goes to and all that- but now i need the following
age: im not too fussy but over 23 and im ok.
Sex: not right now. when we are married- im not that type of babe
Location: i dont mind where we live so long as we are together- i sound like a psycho!!lol!!jokes!!- location- just off Bishops avenue would be ok!

so should i tell you his name?naw...Hengish, im almost certain you know the dude- some fine hot stuvvings- he was on stage doing the 'humbo zamezi'thing with the babe that was singing 'i wok had every day..' big guy!!i dont usually do yellow guys(ibo for that matter- its not like a tribalist ting i just happen to fall flat on my face in lust with yourba guys)!!physique-wise, he looked like he could take on a lion- talking of lions, he had this Mufasa look to him- maybe it was the beard stuvvings but it took me back to the lion king- It was cuuuurrraaazzzyyyy!!i was all giddy inside like a mumu- our mutual friend was not around but i was gonna act like my hair got caught onto his velcro so we could start talking but i thought that was a bit much you know!- im a bit crazy sometimes!!but i got his attention so my work was done- As i walked up the stairs, felling like one caliente stuvvings, talking on the phone like im one social butterfly(me, miss billy no mates), he is at the top of the stairs with a camera- i was like damn!!anyhow, i caught him give me the thrice over and i turned round only for the guy to now get all shy- i dont know why guys get all shy and intimidated when a bounz babe now does the 'confronting mating stare' as i like to call it!!- its that stare that says, 'Talk to me, if you dare' in that sultry kinda voice!!

but anyhow, i was told to start poking on FB- and i for one would not recommend that to anyone- i juust think its too impersonal- if you tap them and are now like 'were you in Volar at xmas' guaranteed youll get a better convo that pokin the life out of one another- and face to face flirting is waayyyyyy more fun!!you actually get to touch skin to skin and do the 'beyonce hair flick' hoping one of you pick and drop out doesnt do a meanie and drop out!!

oh and im having a major problem at the moment!!like all of a sudden i got mad when i smell mens perfume!!as in my eyes light up- i think im suffering from 'KOKO DROUGHT'!!!this one nah serious o!!im scared to hug men these days cos i might just pounce on them... but if anyone can guess who this pesin hins den i will dash you one blog that i have been saving!!
So if yall can assist in operation FBI i would be very happy!

happy sunday!!hope yall went to church