Saturday, 10 November 2007

My life in the last month

well, after my little battle with demons of my past, i have finally come to a new chapter in my life- one that doesnt in any way involve men!!!-who am i kidding!!well its not like before so i am sorta allowed to say that!!

I really dont know where every1 is on this blogger sha!!(i know, egusi soup calling efo riro soup right)!anyho, back to my life- ive actually got some gist- its not like usper juicy but its cool!anyho, my sisters friend is mates with one babe like this- the one whose boyfriend i used to like- when i found out i was like gosh, there really is no gerrin away from it really!!!

Ive heard soooo maqny shells in the last few weeks its unreal!!one of my friend blamed it on the weather!!i laffed- instead of it feels like silk- we got it felted!!and this was in brent cross in full view of the 9ja peeps queuing up at the beaur de change zone(dont worry, we've all been there, queuing up those talla talla bills popsi sent you for school fees but you somehow got distracted whilst coming out of brent cross in zara) we have all been there!!i have not really noticed any bounz guys- suppose im just tired of the silly useless runs- like in the last month- people have been trying to sell me off to random geezers- when i say sell i mean sell me off for a pack of peak milk or even worse- selling me off for a cup of gari!!what is that about??mate sort it out- well my bounz lookin days are over- ok well not over but i simply dont have time anymore to be baffing up-= i realised that i look rather bubbliciously bounz natural- men and you know that is rare- so ive thrown away the mac and the dior eye pencil and the ysl mascara!!its all about what God gave me!who am i lying to- i still add a bit here and there- i spent a good couple of quid on that lot.

so what has been going on- i see Slater J has finally ouddied this zone along with ms Pearce!!as in guys far-

Funny thing happened after i went for an interview last week- apart from giving them some serious loud scary fall on the lift of the underground and almost dying of embarassment, i was now trying to compose myslef, i ogt out at waterloo to see someone and then this short oyinz(oyinbo dude) now stepped up to me withhis lines were 'fancy going for a quick drink'- unless im an alcoholic, going for a drink at 1 in the afternoon with an absolute stranger who is no way near you boob height is just a no no!!- me minding where my feet went after that devastating fall- you know the ones where you see your life flash before you as you lose your balance- and the thing is i had shopping bags and so all you heard was about 3 bags full of russel and bromley shoes (and a bag which is just too freakin mad) and my KG bags collide like an erruption!!it was very theatrical i must say- shame i wasnt acting and i actually was in pain- lol!!but it was sooo funny- imagine a city babe fallin head on her face with a million and one shopping bags!!?d'banj said it-why me!?

the other decision ive made is to marry a nigerian- upon all my complaining and moaning, i realise that i love the fact that they are arrogant, funny, very intelligent(if you hng around the right bunch and not the ones that are disgracing us with compensated 3rd classes and spending 8 years to do a 3 year course and lying saying you did a placement-as in FOR HOW LONG??lol)
Yeah, so im marrying a nigerian- seeing as my mom did and she sure as heck didnt do too bad for herself(she is nigerian too just incase u get confused)but the two are a blessed couple and i pray that God will continue to bless them!!
So what do i have to offer?hmm well where do i start- thats another blog- so til then ciao-

Men, this overw'lming feeling of bounzness is too mush for me!!til lellers, bwyeeee