Monday, 24 September 2007

Azzz in KO EASY men!

yes i know what ur thinking!!again!!'Vindi, i thought you said no more awon n9ja goiz'-i know-bite me-the guy fine!and he get ambition(rare in todays 9ja circles of pretencious nobarries-yes im sure you know at least one who acts like their shit dont stink and they are some sort of untouchables cos they are flowzen with stolen govt money or their parents legitimate douche!!-my dear, its not your hard work but theirs-go and get yours) anyho, back to my man issues!!

its not my fault-pimpin aint easy!!but on a serious note-i finks im onto something-ill have ot pray and get back to you but it should be a hot look!!actually theres two but ill gist you later-no wait three if i include the one my fam is tryna marry me off to!will discuss in a bit but until then, you have my other entries to bore you!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Yay!!im 31!!

Not in real life i mean,but yeah, this is my 31st blog entry-everyone clap for me!!lol!!
anyho, what been good?me? just dey!!nothings been happening!!since i decided to become more Vindi oriented and less bothered about the man dem, its just been a complete disaster!!
People are trying to hook a sister up left right centre, up and down!!if i needed help, i would ask BUT I HAVE NOT ASKED SO KEEP YOUR CUPIDS ARROW BACK IN YOUR SACK!!
Ok, well there was one about 2 weeks ago that was keen on me but babes were not on that tip(ok,OK, guy was HOTTT but babes have to behave one kind innit?cant be acting like ur all feelin the guy now...thats just too desperado 21st century independent woman 'i get what i want' type of rubbish!!-it just makes me come across as a ashi!)

On a much lighter note, ive been catchin the usual trips in Willesden, Kilburn with awon 9ja peeps acting a fool!!

By the way....did anyone see the MOBO's???if not you really must see it!!-2face(big ups to my Idoma homie) won best african act and he broke his award and then when he went to collect his award, D'BANJ went to go and follow him!!Mr kokolet was just embarrouzzing men!!as in, even shaggy dissed him saying something about the mad man!!!and can somebarry please sponsor D'banj's wardrobe!!-i mean his music is live but his baffs are sooo not!!ive seen him wear the same outfit at least 3 times!!-yall know the one im on about- the one thats like a waistcoat top with black ankara material on one side and white on the other and then his trousers has like i think its one leg is ankara NA D THE other is some white linen stuvvs!!lol!!the guy shouldnt make me laff too much!!-but yesterday his trousers were waiting for flood men!!ok, im not dissing the guy cos Mr kokolet is very talented, there 'no long ting' about it- lol!!do you get it??-well if you dont then ur slow mate- and if you do, ur prolly calling me DRY!!!

anyho, well the other day i went out looking majorly run over!!as in, no make up, no gucci tote and worst of all, no money-but thats all gonna change!!Yall are lookin at(by God's grace,) the new graduate to work for UBS!!-HALLA!!!!!wooo hooo!!im still praying!!-im yet to send off my app tho!!but in Jesus name its mine!!woo hoo!!

k, i only decided to bump into someone one my bad day!!!aarrggghhh!!yes, i bumped into Mr Him's cousin!!what a shirry day!!!oh well, at least it was not HIM!! flaming heck, i wouldhave crawled on that cricklewood lane all the way home(which is a good 5 miles)!!men!babes have suffered!!As in, you shoulda seen the guys eyes when he saw my hair!!-lol!!it was only the spirit of God in him that made him not burst out and say 'cor blimey, whats that on your head'?? but he seems pleasant enough!!-but then again, 9ja guys like to GISt- they are (mostly) a bunch of bishes!!i don curr what anybarry sez!!all chatting!!-if they spent half as much time on their books as they do on their blackberry then maybe 9jas future would be brightER!!!(i said brighter not bright ooo, so no curses!!)

anyho, one thing thats really pissing me off is these SAFARI AWARDS on Facebook that i was invited to!!im sooo mad that they didnt add me as one of the bounzest babes!!-i mean, who made up the list!??
actually lemme write a complete blog about this award!!

by the way, if i dey shell grenade on this blog, ma binu ooo!!i aint used my brain in a while!!lol!!