Wednesday, 25 July 2007

hey...been v.busy....doin nothing

lol!!peeps...i have gist oooo!!but pops is behind me and his eyes are too sharp!!!it involves getting caught out in cricklewood enuf times, some sainsburys move in 02 centre and in willesden and a yardie tryin to move to chicks!!aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!!with dreadlox!!!i wanted to spit!!!k, i cant discuss it now but i will do when pops pops out!!oh and i went to traffic!!that chris guy is such a tout!!!what is wrong with him!!he needs to get his heart broken!!guy was all lookin at babes like i knew him!guy needs to chill o!!before i bring out the hulk in me!!

oh and babs were lookin howt!!!as not one to blow my own trumpet but...PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!darn!!!tooo mad!!i gave then celebrity entrance followed by an ever so glamorous look around the room and air kisses to peeps i knew!!i had to slap myself and say its not my parry!!

Tiaje was kewl!!nice voice-very shocked cos sometimes 9ja boys say they can sing and they just sound like a goat choking on gari whilst drinkin palm wine!!!lol!!

oh and i saw HIM in cricklewood- and i blasted niggz men!!chicks were lookin howt(again, i know) and so i could do them moves!!-

but onto the arinze!!the guy is SOOOOO nice!real nice!!and u know where he lives?yep you guessed it!!in northwest london- so the buka move is yet to happen but it will soon!!guy knows his restaurants and me i was soo tripped i just ate my life away!!i feel a double chin!!lol!!its kinda cool cos we catch the maddest trips!!i didnt think he was the kind but he is sooo funny!!
well got to go and fry yam for the fam!halla

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

my day trip round London

so i went round London over the last few days- from brent cross to brompton road, from king street to knightsbridge and onto ken high street.
K so the gari seller didnt call back but the |Arinze move is goin smooffly!!guy nice o!!- summer runs are always smoof|!!sorry miss pearce, there is no way im swappin 100% joblessness with a life and a real job!!allow men!!-but do feel free to sponsor my trips to all the parrys- i was supposed to be at belle de jour but somehow somehow im in Hendon central sippin pimms and lemonade at 12 in the morning!!-

i got my results and all i mcan do is thank God!!!wooo hooo!!!k, i didnt get a first but i sha passed!!!-the lord is amazing!2:1 baby!!!2 freakin 1!!Yosh, i know you were praying!!-lol- i dont know nadas- pimms talking- but thanks for the well wishing!!

ewwww....went to 02 centre today-not the dome one- the 9ja 9ja jobless hang out zone in north west london that every1 calls local- for even the ones amongst us that live in kent!!k, the massive EWWWWW is for the mouse we saw in weatherspoons as we sipped on out Jamaican dust pitcher(this was after the Pimms Pitcher we had)-no the plan was not to get ouddie!!!- but i saw someone i didnt want to inside that weatherspoons so i sat near the front-cos not only were chicks lookin ha ha ha haha hawwtt!! but to also man check- thats my new hobby now ive fapped(nicked) my sisters oyster card!!-
talkin of oyster cards(slater youll understand when you try using public transport in London), ive started the remix of Rihannas song Umberella cos it just keep 'rainin rainin..' so here goes- its only two lines but its about those 9ja scrubs
'i thought you had a car,
but then you brought out oyster
razz KC boy posing with Mazda
with that your friend from asda..'

ok so the songwriting style is not conventional but id like to think of it as a cross between lily allen and Neyo- i can hear the fam sayin 'neyo ko, neyo ni!!!'

so in brent cross, some small babe with her moms was there on the 189 bus(yes, i get a bus so what- chicks are broke- aint about black cab until i start given u guys £100,000 salary after tax!!amen and amen!!!
anyho, the small babe had one shirt with writing on you know me with my google eyes went to scope the lil oyinzy babe(oyinbo, for those of you who dont know)
so the shirt said 'trust me im a virgin'- i was like huh,?? and your moms allowed you to wear or even consider buying this|???i was like 'i should bloody hope so man'!!-14you know!!!

oh, on saradey, in cricklewood now, on a bus again!!this time i got caught o- me with my big eyes again.who sent me???anyho, i was noww on the 189 about to give my friend some douche cos i owed her and her moms werent givin her douche to sponsor her binge drinkin-lol shed abuse my life if she knew i said that- its all luv 'nicky'!! so she went to one parry called dune- which was off the hizzle from my sources!! so i was on the bus, and something drags my big eyes to that new crown hotel, the one near iceland and across the road from mc donalds- so my eyes go outside and who do i see??k, not HIM...but hims bum chum!!on e of his boyfriends(i calll him boyfriend cos i know 9ja boys are severly homophobic) anyho, i look out and i see him, the guy looks at me and me i look back-something in my head tells me to just not say hello- so i just keep staring- and so does the guy!!!i was in shock!!!lol!!AAZZZZZZ INNNNNNNNNNNN....the morasuka!!!what is he feelin like?he doesnt know my passport is not green like his- when they deport his ass- lol!!im only playin i got a green one too!!
it was so funny cos i saw him just look at me like 'so you see me and you cant say hello'- ode ni e!!you dont know i know every1 in cricklewood willesden, golders green, swiss cottage and west hampstead!!!fewlish trout!!!

k, went to oxford street on sat and saw one sharp dapper, i had to check myself!!guy had one white zip up athletic type top with some gold writing on the back with some sexy ass gucci trainers- whoever you are- the fashion police would be very proud of you as a model citizen!!well, it was raining and i managed to take myself to the waffle zone and buy waffles with two scoops of ice cream and i chopped it in the rain!!!some of it fell in my brolly but who sends??it was bond street belgian waffles!!-

oh, how could i forget, flakey, there is one guy at 02 for you- he works in Nandos- the name is Aziz!!- nice lad- and youd get a free chicken so its not bad really!!!he was very nice to me when i went today- ive never had service like that in nandos- 'is your food ok madam' did you want anything else with your meal madame' can i get your number madame- ok not that far but men!!

so had a dream about awon geezer- not him actuallly cos i dont dream like that!anyho, had a dream he called me and all i saw was his name flash up on my phone but i didnt pick up!!i dont get it! what the heck does this mean!!anyho, im over him so its all good- i know im over him now cos i dont caLL HIM A TWAT ANYMORE!!WOOO HOO!! anyho,in the dream after he called, i told myself that id call him back, but i never got round to it cos really and truly i had other things doing and then momsi went to go and wake me up to hoover-again!!!aarrggghhh!!!-

anyho if anyone knows what it means then do enlighten me. i have rebuked anybad thing it means and i hope that God can shed light!!

oh and bill gates is no longer the richest man so there is hope for me!!-wooo hooo!!

so slater in the club was disappointing!!i was really gettting ready, had my beans(sexy, might i add) in one plate, my gari with groundnut in another....really ready to abuse- i had my 'severe abuse' hat on as well- only to find that slerra has backed out!!tut tut!!ive been exposed by one of my guy friends- damn you- youre lucky i consider you a bro,, otherwise, i would finish you...itsm all love, just dont go tellin Tunji and 'awon geezer yahoo poser poser oyster' guys!!!lol!!dont tell em i said that o!! thats how ill have to be buyin my own drinks!!!

its funny how all your guy friends have at one point tried to make funny moves before they actually settle down to be your friend and start moaning about how this and that babe is not correct and how one guy i tryin to toast me and if i like them||(heheheheh.private joke)

k, is ever1 down 4 traffic on the 17th???its supposed to be aight but belle should be madder- cant wait to see the pics on facebook!!

some tracks im feelin now by our peeps are:
2face- alphabet...
KEX-U DEY MAD- men, i heard this track in feb and i was like- WOAH!!!bruv is killin it!!!- cos its like a london ting with the garage baseline and spiced up with the raw refreshing broken english- id love to give it to you guys to hear- but if youre cool, ud have it already on you ipod!!sorry o
KEX- shako remix- one word-BOUNZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!men!!- i even played it for my 5 year old excessively britico sis and she was seriously jammin givin us some moves- i luff it tew mush!!
KEX is gonna blow up one day-such a shame my morals prevent me from being a groupie-lol!!hehehe-dont mind the pimms!!AND hes a KC lad!!that is a BIG DEAL-

k, so ive yarned enuf dust now- sorry o- this is joblessness in its almost purest form-see, i cant even be bothered to use proper grammer- i dont even use my brain anymore!!this is real joblessness!!- i just need to stop watchin the news then ill be purely jobless- but im going to the jobcentre tom in finchley road- anyone fancy a bit of lunch after???your trat obviously- i mean, i can get myself there so you dont need to worry about transport!!!

k, think im a bit gine after a few drinks at 02- let me remind you that

WEATHERSPOONS IN 02 HAS RATS!!!!RATS I TELL YOU!!EWWWWWWW!!!!!!FLAKSTER, dont forget your nandos move and dont say your blogcuz didnt help you out-free chicken!!

miss pearce- so how does this job thing work and is there a wat to make money without workin and without doing reading uni runz- lol- k, its not just them but the gist i hear is tew mad- those peeps like money too much o!! its all love- wish i had the balls and NO ethics or morals!!thou shall not covet thy neighbours property!!

oh, and you that works at Gap in brent cross that is mates with Akala, i see you baby!!i see you indeed- esp when i got my java chip frappucino at starbucks!!
did anyone notice that mamiwater esque statue outside selfridges??i think thats the spirit of greed!!
and starbucks has one Jazz like pic on it as well- proper freaky abi?

well got a date in buka on saturday- should be interesting- standarly having the gizzard- no its not arinze-and no, im not an ashewo-aint nothing going down like that- i did not sign that contract o!!!verbally or otherwise sober or otherwise!!! if you are gonna pimp, you gotta pimp right!!-slater, look and learn- im sure theyll catch me cos they both are 9ja- one went to A hall and the other went somewhere else which i forgot to ask- but hes got a good rep and hes not one of those STD(sexually transmitted disease) kinda guy so my rep is in tact- u get me!!aint nothing goin on o- im a good girl who is never gonna go bad- amen and amen!!my fest will be my husband- God help me!!- its not easy o!!

k, so i still like him a lil...SHIIIIITTTTEEEEEEE!!!IM GETTING OFF THIS- FINGERS CROSSED I DONT DO SOMETHING SILLY ON anyones facebooki wall- help me please!!wouldnt mind quick ting seein as his babe has gone on holiday for a bit(a mojnnth actually- the things you can do in 30 days- Vindi, dont ven entertain the idea- its not worth the kola nut!!)...dont mind me o- its the rum now talkin- yey!!!lemme go and sleep this off- actually, ill have indo mie and meat and then go to bed!!!

bye now...has anyone seen the new type of gari- its really redish....-k, chatting s$£% now