Thursday, 26 April 2007

I just couldnt keep away...

So I said i wasnt gonna blog til the third-which is when my examenzz finito forever...until i do a masters!!but i just had to escape from the mad world that we all live in...
not much has gone on since is last blogged.
I got turfed(pushed) back to uni to start jackin hard for that first class in all my modules(Can I get an amen?-ok then, ill say it myself-AMEN!!-I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me...)

Anyho, at Kingscross station the other day now and what freakin happens??No, it wasnt the ticket was some other metroline worker(bus driver to the rest of you beauties)...and then i see this leprachaun...-its like ive been jazzed with short babatunde lookin brodaz!!!no offence but i think i can do berra that 3ft 7!SO one short geezer now hollerz at me while im lugging all the food that i collected from yard(is it gari, is it ekamu, is it egusi? I nabbed everything from my yard before momsi could blink)- so theres VTi hobbling along the underground with 1 suitcase and 2 medium sized hold-alls!!

by the way, why do they call it A SUIT CASE?im sure if i wikipedia it, itll gimme some long ting gist about that was its intended purpose in the 'olden days'...

Anyho now, me still struggling, some Babatunde/Tokunbo now looks at me straight and as he 'accidently on purpose' brushes past me he smiles and says hello!!I was laffin like a mad goat at the station!!WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE DWARFS MEN??as in, what makes them think its ever gonna work out???like really??

can you imagine??actucally lets imagine together....a few years down the line VTI is married to MR 3 foot 7- leaving a whopping 2 foot 4 to deal with- can somebody say chronic back pain???so now 3ft 7 walks into the kitchen while VTI is makin poundo. he now tuggs at my trouser leg cos obviously, he cant reach my shoulder. VTI being all the way up there thinks its one of the children and shrug her leg to try and move what she believes to be the child...but it doesnt budge...she tries again...nothing...nadas..this pikin wants she kicks it without looking only to hear a manly ROAR!!This is how domestic violence happens- I refuse to be a statistic!!

Anyho, having major yam with my dissertation- went to go and see my supervisor- the guy don audi!!twat face!!when i find him ehn!!so now im there like oh sheeet!!I knock on his office door only to find one of the few nice peeps in the department that likes in the guy has helped me since first year men- was givin him 70+ in his exams- one omo ghana geezer- dont worry it aint like that- hes got a wife that works at reception!!
the guy was really helpful but he didnt wanna help me too much cos its my dissertation and its supposed to be independent!!hissssssssssssss!!

I leave the office and see one chick rollin up a spliff and chillin on the carpet- so theres me- stressed out with the dissertation that is just a pain in my nyash-every time i think about it, i feel like the time i puked up after drinkin half a bottle of blossom hill and only eating a slice of bread and indomie for the whole day....horrid stuvvs

so back to the chick rollin up a mean green one in the green area outside my department- the girl looked like she was enjoyin...No i didnt want to join her but i wanted to have that kind of freedom men...JUNE 3RD!!!

hmmm hmmm hmmm...on the goiz front...geez ive done the impossible!!!no, i dont fancy any of my popsis friends- ALLOW it men!!!can you imagine daily punch magazine?VTI in love triangle withher popsis friend..

So yeah, I fancy my friends brother!!gosh. Im sooo finished!!shes gonna hang me by my hair!!im in trouble o!!hes almost as funny as me- almost but not quite!!- academically sharp guy-a corporate lad-sharp dresser- just sharp-has his own yard-music taste is on point- she is really gonna ruff me up!!it wont last for long but for the fact that i do...i class him as my older bro men- whats is this?k...ill take a step back!!

ITs bad o!!!see, there was this guy i used to like a million years ago(2 years)...anyho, dude sha found out and all...the worst thing that can happen to moi cos i start actin a fool bruv!!like real idiot!!like imagine those girls that just sharrap and stare at you when usually they are bouncin on wall and ish...- what did u say??GROW up??ok i will one day- but im just coy like that innit!
Anyho, bac to Edo boy- see this guy is just noooice- he met momsi by accident even- k we go to the same church so its bound to happen- since the guy found out chicks were feelin him, he was really pleasant and everything but i hid!!hed say wasup(to make convo, not like SOME 9ja boys that say wassup cos they are feelin like celebrities!!lol-get a grip mate)

Met him at church- plays the guitar-learnt it in 2 years- always helps out in church!!all that kinda thing-so basically VTI was worried she would corrupt him so she stopped that chess move and moved to his friend-BY ACCIDENT!!!!!I didnt know they were friends- it was only after Mr A now mentioned going restaurant hopping with Mr Edo that i was like- oh church as well!!Mr A is ma homeboy, he didnt text me back when i confessed my undying like for him but i forgave him and hes never mentioned it so im happy!!!- he likes to think hes berra lookin than me but every1 knows the deal-cos he used to model...hiss!!!Tyra called me you know!Hes always askin me about the blokes im blockin at uni but i sha blast hims with the whole 'i got too much work to be doin to be lookin after one (or more) bobos!!
I told him a few stories but the guy doesnt believe nadas(nothing) has happened since i been in uni WRT guys- hes always sayin 'One day some lucky guy is gonna make your heart skip a beat and make you cry'- he only does it cos he knows i hate all that gay shit!anyho, i dont have a tear duct and my heart skipped a beat when i bought the new Joe album!!-ok so, i am turning a bit gay and winey with regards to my music tastes- forgive me- Ill bring out my Jurassic 5 album and the roots to rock tonight so i dont go soft in my old age...

Anyho, spoke to Mr Edo and ahhhhhh, i remembered y i liked the dude when i was like 16/17- well mannered, polite, BRITISH(none of that 9ja 'Kilon pops' garbage), well spoken, God fearing and all that-lives in boujie Bayswater- i know hes notfrom north west but its west london so its ok!!!!dude was really askin when im going back to school and when im comin back and all that silly stuff- when i said mid june he was like 'really?' i was like yeah...(didnt wanna say 'cos i gotta party ma ass of before i come back to London'- I told him i saw him on stage playin...SEE TEETH!!lol!- i told him i was gonna be singing- he smiled thinkin i actually could sing- you shouda seen the disappointment when i told him i suspected myself of being tone deaf- cute guy men-we will see-another summer post- im thinkin dinner at that Malay restaurant in chelsea avec MrA and a few other church chums-

oh and then there is that youngie guy at the uni- one first year guy- hes bulked up now- fresh to def- bless him- i remember at international day festival tge guy was propa lookin to say hello- i sha avoided it til near the end and all of a sudden he wanted me to take a pic with him- without any hello or nothing- it was only after that we gisted small-Mallam guy-yellow- dont usually go for them- its all about what i refer to as 'chocolate thunder'-

and last but by no means least- my proposal online- lol!!somebarry pick me up from the floor!!Seein as its my blog- thought id let you know it made my shitty day better-i was laughin like a fox on crack!!gettin 'on one knee'...not really how i envisioned it- but then ive never really thought about it- gay stuff!!

oh, and guys are effed- as in- i dunno what to say anymore- and 9ja guys need to understand that syphillis/gonorrea/AIDS is real!it is not a fake disease that oyinbo peeps invented to keep peeps from gbenshing/strap and straddling!! some guys are just derry men-

Thursday, 19 April 2007

KC yarns-again, I KNOW!but its the last and my spring clean holiday!!

k so i was jobless and I love Wikipedia to bits so i ended up lookin at sec schools in Nigeria- I dunno how i got there but thats the joy of combining joblesness and the internet!!
So back to my Wiki wow Wiki wow wow west wikepedia!!
I had a look at KC and what rubbish did i see??I think this is the only wikipedia page that is full of bull!!
Can u imagine a Wikepedia page that states 'KCOB for life'????Like hello??get a grip. this is not a playground...I was in stitches...
if ur bored, do have a look.

Oh and Ive decided to forgive someone after 15years!!!I know but something sha hit me this morning and I told God that i was willing to let go of all that!!It was doin me more harm than good so i just forgave the person and am moving on with life...I used to call him an bastard and all sorts of other badd baaad words but now Ive decided to bless him!! Karma is a bitch and it will bite you in the bum so my anger and hatred aint gonna do nothing!!
Ill go into detail in a future blog but right now, Im feeling a tad too exposed for this so ill wait a lil!!That idiot- See his head- he doesnt come to the house any more for contract cos daddy aint around at the mo- Stupid cotractor geezer with his thick irish accent and those retarded NHS glasses!!OK i said i forgave him but something in me just wants to hold on!!
Sorry if chicks are doing too much coded yarns for you but im starting to question my anonymous nature on blogger- thinkin of going back to Xanga where no barry knew me for nadas!!Ive actually met some people on here and it freaks me out cos they might find out who i am...-

So i need to do a proper blog- I found something out today that could cause trouble...hmm what to do.what to do...
does anyone wanna donate some money to VTI??Daddy no dey for London and Momsi is just momsi innit!! Ill mail you ma bank details!I forgot to tap popsi's financial current before he travelled!!I dunno what to do, poverty is a bad thing!!But i still have some mad baffs that i aint rocked so its aight!One vintage stuvvs with some clevage(cant spell but whats new-)!'there may be trouble ahead...but while theres moon light and music and love and romance..'

Anyhow, Love you all like jeremy Paxman!!- and that love is beyond deep!!its the 'real love' mray j was yarning about!!

Oh and im going away for a while- i prolly wont be missed but Ill be back on the 3rd of June! Need to focus on a few things.
Ill still be checkin your sites frm time to time, Yosh, simply, beyond, my poetry genius Miss pearce and Jack Slarra ma numero uno hard guy on blogger-imma miss ur comements!!Hmmmmm had some gist i found out about HG 101 but its ok- ill hold ma tongue til the third!!

Keep on praying- Ephisians 6vs 18

luff u teww mash.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Evolution by VTI- sponsored by the Royal Society of Chattin Bare Breeze!!

I know its late but i just wanted to write wats goin on in my not so cool life!!K is the world changing or what!!!(rhetorical qn-)So i went to brent cross today and oooo my days!!they moved Topshop!!like WTF?? k my two main zones were on point but TOPSHOP??NOO they moved it downstairs where Benneton used to be!got ma photo taken also- im a bit of a celebrity(lol-i wish) and that light skinned security guard is still hot but now hes a plain clothed security officer!!-guy is sha fine me- givin us segzy eyes outside Hugo Boss!!

and then i took a bus(i, on a bus!no fam to drive chicks around!!-least its not a molue type bus!!. So i was on the bus in Kilburn, lookin for Buka....couldnt find it- all i was thinkin is 'kai. this london has finished me- no Mc Donalds in Golders Green, no mama Calabar in Hendon and no freakin BUKA?' so I looked at the post and was blinded men- some white sign-not sure what the writing was but i was sooooo confused staring into the new white board that i didnt catch the had buka disappeared??

I remember when i was like 17/18 (2003/2004) and i found out that my dear friend was giving head to her stupid ass KC boyfriend who was like 21/22!!(gosh i forgot to add this to my anti KC boy tally- minus 7).As i know her very well, i knew she was doing it to fit in -her first BF and all.but i didnt get it cos I didnt do stuvvs nor did the dudu ones in our crew but the oyibo ones in our crew were hmmm-DL chicks!!all her silly Oyinbo friends were... all those babes who like to pass STD's(sexually transmitted diseases) round like its a bowl of Kolanut!!allow!!
so my friend is quite insecure and she always wanted to be in the whole 9ja circle-have a popular guy -look nice- be known!!-ok she finally is (after compromising A LOT!!)cest nes pas by force to be 9ja)- but im just sad cos this coulda been avouded if she listened to VTI!!k, so im not popular, dont dress fly and dont have a mingeraka-ugly man beast) for a boyfriend but im still a hard babe with a MAD rep!!

but its sooo sad to see how desperate peeps will go. Ok the KC guy was quite popular but he no fine-as usual. Just be doin 'hardguy' and that was what was makin the chick trip for him!!-you know the segzy walk wey be like say they are partially limping (us london peeps call it a bop)- i remember seeing one guy doin the segzy walk but he effed it up!!it was like the guuy was jumping!!i was in a fit of laughter!!!saw KC tally 7 recently in Colindale on the train platform with one Oyinbo chick- the guy was now scoping chicks while he had babe!!hiss!!useless guy...the guy is now like 25 and still jobless roaming round parrys like he gets paid to do that!!

i shouldnt cuss- hes acually rather nice to chat to(minus americana hassent which he managed to acquire whilst in Maryland.......Ikeja!!)
So i stopped talkin to her cos she lied when asked if she was doin the steez which was saddening cos from when you start bucking, it all goes belly up!Guilty by association men!!!I wasnt brought up to be doin stuvvs like that til ur married and ive had a wonderfully sheltered childhood!!The thing is , we found out from one babe who im not too close to and nor is the babe but because she was doin the steez i suppose she wanted tips and all-From when she lied, i knew our friendship was a wrap cos i dunno what else shes lied about! i suppose by her going out with him she raised a few eyebrows cos every1 was like who is this babe sorta thing- Kc guy doin britico chick!!bless her- its sad cos shes such a stunning babe and now shes sacrificed one of her few gifts from God to someone who probably didnt want to marry her!!eyyy yaaa!!!-sob story- this was the point in my life where things just started changing!!my song at this point was KEANE-everybodys changing!!

PART 2!!!!!came to uni. and just learnt sooo much about peeps- fake peeps esp!!gosh they are sooooo transparent!!and learnt 9ja lingo- 'grazing milk' and 'tappin current' and 'STUVVS'!!everything is STUVVS- 'thats mad stuvvs' 'we were doin stuvvs' 'whats the mad stuvvs?'-

Life lesson at uni??- hmmm...YEAH!!!i learnt that people had sex B4 marriage!!that was like woah to me cos Ive easily managed to abstain from the 'STUVVS' so i thought we all were in the same boat- it dawned on me that if youre in an environment that is condusive to your sexual development, then stuvvs will i really did bask in Innocence- it wasnt ma fault- my fam & friends didnt talk about it so i assumed it was married peeps talk!!-even wen they mentioned stats about the % of peeps sexually active, i said it was overexaggerated and a conspiracy by the govt for peeps to have sex cos they had shares in Durex(warped-i know) and also wanted to encourage peeps to have sex cos of the deomgraphic timebomb!!-contradiction...

i live with ultra conservative parents who still say 'SEXUAL INTERCOURSE' and only started talkin to ma older bro about condoms (the guy is 25)- she was like 'I know you are....ummm...of age...and now that you have relations with might even be havin SEXUAL INTERCOURSE' at this point my bro was blushing!!he just interrupted saying 'yes ma.yes ma. yes ma.' and walked out of the room.

K so im getting a bit worried about global warming!!dunno why but i am. The ice caps are melting!!WE need to pray bout it oooo!!its a big deal- saw a pic of snowdonia in Wales- THER WAS NO SNOW!!!!!!!!

other talk- God mostly
Ok so went to church today and it was bounz!!as in just what the doctor ordered!!So the msg was about Seeking God and how sometimes as christians we like to sell God short. eg -we ask for gold but we get silver and settle not realising that God is the God almighty and is blessing you with Gold and Silver!!Made some money from doin a few house chores this weekend and spent 1/2 of it on a christian book!!- my first ever self-purchase...i sense a revolution in the air!!I love my church soooo much!!Its helped me through hard times men!!

Somewhere in the service, they started talking about strong hearts and how we must have hearts that God can mould- I immediately though about my silly hard babe persona!!It really is not necessary!! and it really is not a reflection of who VTI is about-but for the beings amongst us like Mr Jack Slater imma have to maintain my game cos y'all need to be taught a few lessons!!'take me down a step or two??lol! you dont know chicks men- but ill educate you a lil!!
k hardbabe will emanate- only when 9ja peeps start with their rubbish of 'whos ur dad' 'what school did u go to' where do u like?? and all that ish!!but cos im britico they talk to me like im one london chicka that wears tracksuit bottoms and sellotapes my hair to my forehead-ode- good thing im not too much of a mugu!!!its funny cos when i tell em ma popsi is Director of one company (need to remain anonymous)and we live in ikoyi - they start adressing me PROPERLY!!lol!!money chasers!!Go and chase God o not me cos me im chasing after God!!

k thats me done- this blog is getting boring!!my life is soooooooo not interesting- come end of may- see drama!!
take care my lovelies and remember- God is real.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Anti-social YARNS

K so i went to a parthy on saturday just gone and I did the usual VTI stuvvs!!It was a friends bday and so i dragged myself out of the house with just a tennis dress and footless tights and slippers- dont mind me o!!I saw the sun and thought ahh ahhhhhhhhh!!i need to show these pretty feet men.
Anyho, anyone that went out in london on the saturday just gone will know that the sun that came out was in fact fake sun!!By the end of the parthy, my toes needed a good cocoa butter!!See crust toes start appearing!!that day was CHILLY men!!
so now at the party/get together, I didnt really know anyone- ok i knew most peeps there....had been introduced to most of them at least once! but you still have to do hard babe!!
so me im chillin now and all the foine bobos are lookin at me like i know them- and that soooo is not the case- i was introduced to them whilst drunk in first year which was about a million years ago!! so one is lookin at me like say we knew eachother in a past life- and this one fine o!!so i drop one of my 'killer coys'- i drop the killer coy smile beautifully- the guy now starts really skinnin teet (this means grinnin from eear to ear - as in the colgate smile-gums and all)...
I think that was the only piece of conversation i had all night!!

It was like this- If i wasnt on my phone or talking to one of the few people i knew there i would just look!!

the thing is Im sadly very shy- It comes from my tragic childhood!!-cant go into it now but it was bad-


anyhow. Back to antisocial yarns!!I was there now and my mate introduced me to one chick and I wasnt really sure about her so i did the "el fake-o"- the fake smile! and then she remembered me so i had to stop fronting and i was like 'hey. i remember you. we met at X parthy and were ouddi....blah blah blah' the chick hugged me and she didnt do one of those wet hugs- not in the naughty sense-its a babe here were talkin bout- i meant the ones that SOME 9ja babes give to look all cosmo and when you lean fwd for the 'hug' they barely touch you like you have aids or something!! its like you just leaned fwd to stretch your back in a stupid way.

I need to go into detail about this anti-social stuvvs!!!I dont trust 9ja peeps some just wanna be ur friend cos of your mad yarns or cos your popsi is something or another or cos you hav mad baafs!!VERY FEW actually like you for you- and the guys!!oh dont get me started!!!cos we are britico they feel that they can abuse us!!ode!!-Its war this summer!!See 9ja guys suffer!-wait for the summer posts!!
Anyho, because im quite shy naturally, my coyness is usually mistaken for stooshness and this now has evolved into hardbabe!!

At this party, at one point i even started boning!!and it was to the extent that my friend was askin who vexed me!!lol!! See fine guys gallore!!as in my head was spinnin like a windmill and all i was doin was lookin and sipping- as in when youre this antisocial, you cant be drinking- its simply not cool- time stands still for you now that you have acquired the talent of being anti social!!It is a beautiful talent to posess i tell you!!-
i remember one guy tried to move to me- you know, for some reason, i have an issue with leprachauns!! and so the guy was like i like your top...(i was thinking yeah cos half my breasts are out for sale- see dowry price for VTI drop like Enron) and I was like 'so, do you want it?' and i walked off!!silly man- and the guy continued to stare at me like we were lovers in a past life...

I love being antisocial- at first it was because i was really shy and i just couldnt bring myself to talk- didnt feel i really had anything to contribute to society but now im a SNOB!!just watchin 9ja people for 1 year i learnt sooo much- what took them 5 years to acquire in secondary school in nige i caught on in 1 year!!

so here is my anti-social yarn- sorry if its not as gangsta as i hyped it up to be but im in a church in an hour!!

Cant wait to see HIM- got plans homie!!he doesnt know it yet- i wanna punish him- my friend told me bout blue balls but i dunno what that is so imma allow it!!I think i over stressed our relationship tho...the whole 'intellectal partner in crime?' gosh i am a bit dramatic!!he was sharp but how dare i say he was equally as sharp as me?
Its only cos hes fine!!!as in FINE!! ive got a sneekin suspicion that hes on blogger and that would be ma worst nightmare!! cos i aint been that subtle about who he is!!darn!!

y o y do i still bother with him??boredom!!need ot do my work!!International Finance calling!!
luv ya like curry from Tamrind bar in Covent garden!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

My liru sister...the bane of my life and other thorns in my side

So my lil sister is like the most obscure character i have come across in recent times- she is not only annoyingly outspoken at home but stupidly coy outside with her friends. she is rude, unnecessarily aggressive and just like me in many ways- i dedicate a whole post to her cos i think she has deserved it-with all her efforts to piss VTI breaking point- you know the point where you just wanna lob objects at the person in a feeble attempt to knock some sense to her!!
What hasnt this young'un done? is it call NSPCC(National society to the prevention of cruelty to children) when my mom gave her a Knock out slap? or is it calling me a ***king idiot when i lobbed a pair of the then trendy 6inch wheat colour timberland boot?
I remeber when she was younger-so coy so timid so shy!!now shes a rotten one- and now she is trying to be all ghetto on chicks like she lives in brixton avec yardies!!telling me 'innit doh' and the usual 'allow it(pronounced (lau it)'

i remember when she got grounded for 2 hours-cos my mom didnt want her to go to one parthy like this...see me see wahala!!the chick went crazy!! first she ran out of the house without slippers or any form of footwear!!Imagine what the neighbours think- one of 3 black families in the area and there is my foolish sister running the streets of northwezt london shoeless!!Im sure the neighbours were thinkin 'there goes the neighbourhood'!!
so back to my living enigma. So queen B decided on a plan...she starts posting snails to the house through the mail box... so we didnt wanna look mannerless like we didnt fit in so we left her... more snails-this time it was big- not like those big GM ones wey de sell in African shop- the one thats the size of turkey leg!!and so the babe keeps posting and then she decides to knock on the door cos shes now 'bored' cos chicks aint getting any more attn... so she knocks....
not one soul moves in the house...she starts knocking irritatingly!!so my momsi storms to the door and my sister is in shock-before you can say shit mhen momsi has dragged the child by the ear and showed her that she still has the earthquake slap!the chick gets it o!!as in when momsi finished, 3 of my other siblings attacked her cos she wanted to get rude and you know how older 9ja siblings can be...all authoritarian and unnecessarily aggressive!!so everyone is there doing their bit for the case of why NSPCC should be abolished and when this is now finished the babe calls NSPCC saying she had been attacked- then my momsi gently strolls out and the chick is like 'sorry.ive got the wrong number' momsi sha got the gist of what ma lil sis was gonna do and so she went in for round two-

gosh...i must stress that my lil sis has a mouth on her- when you know its better to shut up, this one starts boning and doin hard babe-FOR MOMSI!!!my mom just calls her 'saucy'!!we dont consciously make an effort to hit her every day even though it sounds like it...

so then the next week she gets told off and storms out of the house-bearing in mind she is 12....ok this time the chick has shoes on cos last time she musta stepped into some stones mehn and her feet were dirty like one 3rd mailalnd bridge Gala sausage roll seller...
what does she post??cigarette butts- good thing my area is clean but she sha posted enough!!came into the house acting like nothing happend and had this sheepish smirk on her face like 'so what are you gonna do to me this saturday?beat me like the last?that didnt even work!' sorta after all this, my mom who is anti smokin to another level justs does one james bond move on my sister- my eyes could move as fast as my momsi's hand- next thing we know my lil sister is attending to a bruised arm as a result of 'silpa' being thrown at her!!my mom at this poin is tired so my younger bro decides to step in- this one must been a wrestler in his past life...kai-the boy finished her and she too is a good raker!! thats how they fought and then BAAM!!chick is on the floor- she don ko!!

she woke up 5secs later and started tellinpeople she went to heaven!! and could see birds and stars!!loli was laughin my head off!!

so the reason of todays ranting is this...shes moved on to words- today she decided to do a bit of home schooling for my youngest sister who is 5!!!!!!!!!
Im baffing in the bafroom and all i hear is 'x, do you know what marijuana is?'lol!!i was like uh??who knew that when they were 10? i quickly interrupted and said 'ahh ahhh...kilo de?' oya come and get my towel!!

but it has to be said that she is a legend...she is deffo gonna register in my school of hardknocks and silly sayings...
ill leave you with a few remixed songs of hers:
chain hang low- belly hang low
does ur belly hang low does it wobble to the floor, does it hang on the side, is it hard or is to cold...
and then there was the dry lip song- its from the gasolina song-reggaeton stuff that i cannot be bovered to comprehend!!gibberish
ur lip need vasalina (tada tada Vasalina)
there are some more but i really cant remember...bloggers block!!

i dont have anything interesting to write- have not been into 02 this hols-round of applause!!-but wait- i went to sainsbury-darn!!but it doesnt count cos i came in from the carpark and i didnt go upstairs and I wasnt there chillin or meeting someone-a quick dash!!but then again, i was in kensal rise and the nearest one was in Ladbroke Grove!!-2mins away as opposed to 10!!never mind eh?

o soo sorry...forgot to do the whole momsi thing...that woman is AMAZING!!-she has come out with some lines men...pure classics-im sure she even surprises herself sometimes with the rude funny uber conservative rightwing charismatic Jesus loving stuff she comes out with- like the time ma mom say my sis wearin a thong!-her yes nearly popped out- she started 'singing' again- thats what we refer to it as cos she goes on for a hot minute...she will do the whole prostitute song and how she doesnt want to see it- calling it anal floss and all sorts and she will tell us where it derivd from and how if we want to prostitute ourselves thats our own wahala but we should under no circumstance come near the house- this was a message for every1 in the house and she was just singing and we were like 'noone is a prostitute and we are not and have never been sexually active' how embarrassing!!gosh-cant believe the things i have to tell ma mom to reassure her that we are(ok well, I) am not turning to the dark side-

jeez...wanna call him-so bored-all i seem to do these days is read, eat and blog-im sure y'all are hating on me- you wish you could trade right??thought as much...BUT YOU CANT!!ha ha-jealousy is a sin!!lol!!

ok found me some talented geezers to put in my 'need to research' book b4 i venture there- summer is really comin men- need someone to be chillin with apart form ma crazy sis and my girlies!!- But if they for one second try that whole callin after 11 bull ish, imma have to address them really!every1 knows its not proper to consciously call someone at unsociable hours to then gist for 2-3 hours!!Bacause you think i dont have parents!!im not getting shouted at by momsi for being on the phone at random hours of the night!!-thats how prostitution singing will begin again!!

ok peeps i dunno what ma next post will be on cos my life is sooo dry at the mo...fingers crossed it will NOT involve KC boiz or anthing about him...even tho i feel like im gonna call him- i love this whole crazy psycho thing i got goin on...He will def think im partially deranged. either that or think that i wanna pounce on him (shit, k the latter is true but i shall resist..RESIST!)im too posh to pounce- and too emotionally supressed to even try and emotionally articulate myself in the physical sense and do stuvvs!!- allow- need to get his friend back tho...the h facthor skinny unilag rapist mule-
didnt end up seeing him but aint bovvered- i got plans- bringing out one freakum dress- and then he will be the one jaw dropped and dribbling

Sunday, 8 April 2007

confused...but whats new

So so much has happened but i cannot afford to disclose now as i have random beings around so imma just drop a few bullet points and come back to elaborate-
*my mom and her new ban on me going out-which did not roll with me
*My mom tellin me off for wearing a one strap top (you know, the trendy thing these days-sienna and kate have been seen wearing similar stuff)-and her reason for not liking the top was this: 'Look, God gave ou two arms so I dont know how you can but a top that is missing a strap'-ok so it was bad enough that i went and wore a spagetti strap in front of momsi but then to have an arm missing and consciously purchase it makes me a tad crazy according to her. The one arm is a garment malfunction but my purchase is stupidity!!
*my crazy ass lil sister with all her antics of old-I must tell all-cigarette butt posting through the mail box and all-
*My quest to avoid 02 centre at all costs-ok not ALL costs cos men, chicks are BROKE!!
*Me thinkin bout him- idle mind = devils workshop.I tell you.
*my desire to dedicate a whole post to my songs at the moment -Mario how do i breathe-gosh i can so not picture myself being that dependent on someone like that!!allow!!its not even the bounzest of things-so tragic for the ones out there who actually have feeling!!-pele!
*the skill of being anti social-I must admit, it is an art at this point in time as i have not actually witnessed anyone who can consciously be as anti-social as myself-i hear an applaud for my newly discovered talent!!ok, maybe not!
*my need to find some new talent to latch on to-its been way to long and summer is round the corner and so is m graduation-gosh im gonna do wonderful things on the planet and at church
*my quest to become closer to God-
well i only dropped a few lines to tease yall-

happy easter everyone and dont forget Jesus in everything you do-dont forget that this is your mission for Christ!!

btw-just realised what western puff puff is.....chocolate profiterols-can you imagine-ok its not 1/4 as dense but its still quite similar...Arent i clever??yes-pat on the back for VTI.

so take care my ppl and you shall be reading from moi soon..